Business Continuity Plan

Business Continuity Plan

The businesses you trust must be ready for the unexpected. Our fiduciary obligation includes protecting you from disruptions to our ability to provide advisory services. Threats to business continuity can take many forms, from sudden natural disaster, to the death of key personnel, to a drawn-out disruption like Covid-19. While it is not possible to plan for every eventuality, Everspire has developed a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that prepares us for foreseeable events and establishes a framework for responding to unforeseen disruptions.

Governing Principles

  • Safeguard clients’ and employees’ lives
  • Make rapid financial and operational assessments
  • Quickly recover and resume operations
  • Facilitate clients’ uninterrupted access to funds and securities through their account custodian
  • Allow clients to transact business
  • Protect the firm’s books and records

How We Prepare

  • Design our systems so that we can shift easily to alternate work sites or work from home
  • Create redundancies so that backups to essential systems (such as internet) can be deployed quickly
  • Ensure that our essential service providers have strong business continuity plans, system redundancies, and that they perform regular stress tests
  • Build a team-based client service approach so that multiple Everspire team members can assist clients in the case of a disruption
  • Secure back-up of books and records so that client information is maintained
  • Annual review of the BCP to assess whether it needs to be improved

For more information about Everspire’s Business Continuity Plan, please contact the firm.