Steven Bowers

Team / Everspire
But I Must Explain To You How All This.

Steven Bowers

Technology Specialist

B.S. Utah Valley University

Life and Health Insurance License

Steven brings his expertise and problem – solving spirit to Everspire’s technology platform. Our interconnected systems make life easier for clients and advisors, but they require care and attention. Steven expertly manages our systems—CRM, communications (email, phone, and chat), data management, and portfolio reporting—and keeps these platforms talking to each other. These abilities extend to privacy and data security, where Steven makes sure that client data is secure and protected.

Steven loves tinkering, problem solving, and process improvement, so he continually reviews the latest technology and platform offerings to see if making a change would improve outcomes for clients and advisors.

Steven brings years of experience working with eCommerce and SAAS platforms, most recently leading an account development team at Entrata. This work prepared him to train and support both advisors and clients to make sure they are getting all they can out of Everspire’s systems.

In addition to his IT duties, Steven also enjoys reviewing the insurance needs of Everspire clients and helping them find the right policy for their need. Steven appreciates Everspire’s customer focused approach and enjoys working alongside a team that is disciplined and devoted to true financial planning.

Favorite Book – Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown

Favorite Movie – Dead Poets Society

Bucket List – Survive my upcoming trip to Northern Italy

Favorite Destination – Riviera Maya, Mexico