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DFPG Investments, Inc. (“DFPG”) is a national, full service, independent broker/dealer headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. DFPG is striving to set a new standard for the independent broker/dealer and hybrid RIA model. Representatives and advisors have access to a unique, broad platform of traditional and alternative investment products to better serve their clients’ needs.

DFPG was founded with a commitment to setting a new standard for the independent broker/dealer and Hybrid RIA model. We have developed a unique structure that combines traditional products with a robust alternative products platform. We understand the importance of a broker/dealer that will support the Hybrid RIA. Offering both an efficient fee-based and commission-based platform is crucial to the future success of representatives and advisors. In an environment that is constantly changing, DFPG maintains an unwavering focus on evolving with the industry, providing its representatives with the support and tools needed to grow their practice and, most importantly, servicing the needs of their clients. We are committed to providing our representatives and advisors a home in which they can feel connected to a unique, family-oriented broker/dealer that has a national reputation. We thrive on our communication, education, and open dialogue with our force of representatives and advisors.

Above all, we are committed to our Core Values. In this troubled economy and in an industry in which individuals, families and businesses provide representatives and advisors their trust, confidence and money, there is never any room for compromise. DFPG demands these values from their home office team and looks for the same from their representatives and advisors.

DFPG Investments, Inc. Core Values

Consider Investor’s Needs First

We will place investor’s needs above all else. Investors place a level of trust in us that exceeds that of perhaps any other profession. That is a level of trust that will not be taken lightly and will be the driving principle behind all of our decisions.

Demonstrate Integrity

We will demonstrate and act with complete and unconditional honesty, with principles of sound ethics and with proper alignment of priorities.

Pursue Opportunity

We will strategically seek successful opportunities and we will capitalize on those opportunities through creative, efficient and effective execution.

Adapt to Change

We believe that in order to succeed, we must be willing and able to adapt quickly and efficiently to change. We don’t shun change, we welcome it with an understanding that “races are won in the turns”.

Achieve Balance

We value and expect hard work at every level. Yet we believe that work is not our purpose in life. We value family, giving back, making a positive impact in society and making time to enjoy life.

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