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Est. 1953

Investing is a science.

Relationships are an art.

Imagine a Broker-Dealer designed for advisors, by advisors—a platform
that shares your firm’s commitment to one thing: the client first and always.

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A Broker-Dealer committed to the


At M. H. LeBlang, Inc., we believe there is no room for compromise. Investment advice should require, first and foremost, an enforceable, principles-based obligation to act in the best interest of the customer.


Our best in class efficiencies,


We back our investment and platform decisions with data. Statistical literacy is our love language. Our investment policy committee members have no agenda, they welcome scrutiny, and they are committed to continual improvement. The result is best-in-class technology, appropriate and competitive fee structures, and uniform investment procedures. After all, this is the science part.


True independence means the client first.


A Broker-Dealer should never engage in business relationships that compromise the quality of advice—or worse, force the advisor’s hand in ways that benefit the B/D under the guise of compliance. Rather, a Broker-Dealer’s entire existence should enhance the relationship between the client and their advisor.


We apply


We offer the best of the best private market opportunities, including substantial 1031 exchange offerings. We empower our advisors by rejecting gimmicky alternatives and providing the tools they need to offer comprehensive services unique to the industry.

We operate with zero compromises.
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